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August 20, 2015

Thinking Of Remodeling Your Office?


Remodeling an office space can be a challenge. Most facilities require moving out of your office completely before the floors are installed because they are unaware of other techniques. Not only will you have to find somewhere to put your office equipment and people, after the flooring is complete, you must hire movers, computer techs and electricians to move everyone back. This can cost thousands.

Paul White Company is proud to offer state of the art technology called professional lift systems, allowing business owners to keep their modular furniture in the office during floor replacement. This prevents businesses from ever having to touch computer and phone wiring by keeping everything in place.

Lift systems were developed a little over a decade ago for one purpose: to lift office furniture systems in place in occupied spaces to facilitate the removal of the modular carpet. Depending on the lift system, elevations can range as low as 1/16 of an inch off the ground, up to as high as 8 inches. With the lift system’s design, it is tailor-made for use with today’s modular office systems and self-adhesive carpet tile, though many manufacturers’ say their lift system may be used with traditional furniture, dry-back carpet tile, rolled floor goods and vinyl tile.

Traditional moving methods can be a make or break factor to facility managers while planning a remodel. If moving out is too much work, the remodel can be put off for weeks, months, or even years. With a professional lift system, renovations are virtually invisible to employees and almost painless for facility managers. Carpet renovations that used to take days are reduced to hours with half of the expense, without the hassle of bringing in specialty trade contractors. A survey conducted indicated that carpet replacement jobs using lift systems save the customer between 50% and 75% compared to conventional carpet replacement.

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